Sunday, January 22, 2012

Citrus Birdfeeders

  So if a lot of you are out checking blogs you're probably on Pinterest too (or know what it is).  For those of you who don't know what Pinterest is it's a really fun, crazy, sometimes overwhelming online corkboard.  You sign up, create your "boards" then start pinning away either from blogs, other online sites or from Pinterest itself.  It's an awesome site to organize and store all the ideas you see online.  I have boards for food, for the home, stamping ideas, things to do with the kids etc.  One of the things about Pinterest is there is so much to look at (you can see what everyone else pins, thus getting even more ideas!) that sometimes all you do is pin instead of make.  I've been trying to make an effort to make the recipes I pin, use some of the stamping ideas on my own cards and actually do some of the projects with my boys.

  This week Ryan, Alex and I made these Citrus Birdfeeders.  The boys like having grapefruit in the morning with breakfast and when I saw this "how to" on Pinterest I immediately pinned it so we could make them for our birds.  Here are our results!  The boys had a lot of fun pouring in the ingredients and mixing it up.

Hanging up on the shepherd's hook in the backyard
   I didn't really measure the ingredients but just eyeballed it based on the recipe in the above link.  We added some chopped raisins and craisins to our mixture. 

Our Ingredients
   I even used some stamping supplies!  I used Stampin' Up! hemp twine to make the hangers.  Just used a wooden skewer to poke the holes and then tied the twine through.

All mixed up!
  Our batch made more than enough for 2 halves of a grapefruit with a bit leftover for a refill for one.

Goobers!  And no I don't dress them alike on purpose!

  These things were pretty heavy so make sure you pick a sturdy branch or hook to hang them on.

Impossible to get a good photo in this house!

The finished product!
   After a few days when we still hadn't seen any birds eating from the Citrus birdfeeders I thought that maybe our little tiny birds were intimidated by the size of these things or they didn't like them on the hooks.  I took them down and wedged them into the crooks of 2 trees.  Like an hour later the birds were all over these so I guess it tasted good and they were just not digging where they were originally hung.

  Super easy fun project to do with the kids.  We will certainly be making these as often as we have grapefruit I'm sure.

  If you're interested in making some of the projects you've pinned and sharing with the world, my stamping friend Brandi hosts a monthly Pinterest challenge.  Get off the computer, make one of your pins, and share it at Brandi's site.  It's no use pinning ideas if you never make them!

  And in case you're wondering I have been stamping getting ready for my stamp club at the end of the month and for my February Creative Crew projects.  I promise I'll post a stamping project tomorrow!

  Thanks for looking!  Did you stamp today?

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  1. How awesome is THAT?! Every winter season, I think to myself, "Start feeding the birds, man." Then I chicken out because it's too much of a commitment. *sigh* Your feeder is the shiz and I hang my head in shame as I say that. ;)

    Thanks for playing!!

    Hugs, Brandi


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