Thursday, November 1, 2012

The "5" Car Sponsored by Stampin' Up!

  Oh my!  The Halloween nonsense is over for another year!  We had a great time last night.  We had a bunch of the neighbors over for pizza and then headed out to trick-or-treat.  Well Matt took the boys around the neighborhood and I sat on my porch with a glass of wine and handed out candy with some of the other moms.

  And now I have to share the boys in their costumes.  My fantastic DH made the car costume for Ryan out of cardboard boxes, spray paint we had on hand and duct tape.  Ryan decided a number of weeks ago that he wanted to be a race car.  He couldn't be swayed!  He was so proud of his costume!  He picked out the number and decided that his car's sponsor should be Stampin' Up!  Isn't that funny?  I tried to tell him that we could probably find a more "race car" themed sponsor but he thought Stampin' Up! was perfect.  How's that for brainwashing huh?  =)

Super Fast 5 Car!

Maybe I'll get more customers?!?

  Alex was a karate guy.  HI-YA! HI-YA!  My mother-in-law had sent down an old karate outfit from when DH & his brother did karate way back in the day.  The pants were way too large for Alex but the shirt was like a dress anyway so it didn't matter about the pants.  Check out that karate chop he's doing!

Do they look crazed for candy or what?

  I'll be back later tonight or tomorrow with a card!  Thanks for letting me share my family!

  Did you stamp today?


  1. They are so handsome! Love their costumes - how awesome that dad used to wear one, and built the other! Sounds like a fun evening for all - thanks for sharing :)

  2. So cute! Nice job. We made our costume too!


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