Friday, November 16, 2012

I'm So Far Behind! My Digital Studio Photo Book

  At some point over the last year I began to think how fun it would be to have a photo book of our 2012 memories.  Trips we'd been on, places we'd visited, goofy every day stuff that happens at our house, you know that kind of photo book.  We tend to take a lot of photos and they sit on our computer  and our screen saver scrolls through them but we really don't do anything else with them.  Sometimes Alex will sit at the computer for 15 or 20 minutes watching the random selections appear.  He thinks it's funny to try to guess if the baby is Ryan or himself.  Wouldn't it be nice to sit down and flip through a book of your whole year?  Exactly!

  I've had My Digital Studio (MDS) for a while now but just never sat down to start making anything.  Then Stampin' Up! came out with My Digital Studio 2....well that just might have been the incentive that I needed to get in gear.  I upgraded, downloaded a bunch of new papers, embellishments and kits and decided that I was going to start with January of 2012 and pick some photos and get them on a page.  I know I've got a long way to go but I think if I keep working through this year and try to do 2013 one month at a time I'll eventually get there!

  This is my first page.  It took a while; I'm not a natural scrapbooker by any means so I needed to fiddle a bit and refresh my memory about MDS and learn the new features.  I think it came out OK and hope that I become more proficient with practice. is a great resource and I know I will be spending a lot more time there as I work my way through 2012.

  You can download a trial version of My Digital Studio if you're interested in seeing how it all works.  Head to my Stampin' Up! site to learn how you can get started on your own 2012 Photo Book (or cards, or single pages or whatever you can dream up!).

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  Thanks for looking!  Did you stamp today?

Supplies used in MDS:

     Designer Kit -Number One

    Designer Kits - Number One
    Baker's Twine - Early Espresso knot (re-colored)

    Designer Kits - Fifty Nifty - Virginia outline
    Designer Kits - A Split Second - frame 4
    Sporting - star

    Star Punch,  Filled with: Textured Card Stock - Real Red

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  1. You gotta start somewhere and you did a great job! I scrap the pictures I love and what inspires me at the moment. Digital scrapbooking, with templates and kits, makes this approach very easy. Have fun!


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