Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

  Just a quick post this morning to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope you have lots of people to smooch on and receive smooches from today!

  I sent out Valentine cards to the grandparents, great grandparent and other family members and of course I had to include some photos of the boys....I know no one would care a lick about the card if it didn't have a photo of the boys in it.  I talked Ryan and Alex into sitting still for a few minutes to cut out a construction paper heart and then pose for a few photos.  As you can tell we have a few goofballs in our family.  I was looking just to get one decent photo but it ended up that there were a few cute ones so I decided to make a little photo strip with 3 photos.

  I designed a quick layout in My Digital Studio.  It's just Real Red for the back ground and photos with a white matte.  The photos were easy to get the same size since I just made one photo box and then copy and pasted the others so they were all identical.  I put 2 layouts to a sheet and printed them out on photo paper so they are nice and glossy. I cut them apart and stuffed them into the Valentine's day cards.  It took longer to get my printer to cooperate than it did to design the layout.  It's nothing fancy but I think it's cute!

  If you'd like to play around with My Digital Studio and get a taste for digital papercrafting then check out my post here to learn all about the FREE trial of My Digital Studio.  No obligations to purchase at all.  Can't beat free!

Thanks for looking!  Did you stamp today?

Supplies: My Digital Studio, photopaper


  1. Awe! How precious! Cute layout and cute boys!

  2. Awww! Cute little boys! What a great idea for Valentine's Day cards for the family!



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