Friday, February 4, 2011

Side Stair Step Card Tutorial

  So life gets in the way of blogging and stamping sometimes and I didn't get around to posting again with the Side Stair Step Tutorial yesterday like I was planning to.  Apparently my family wanted to get fed or something silly like that!  And actually my stamp club order arrived yesterday afternoon so I wanted to get that all sorted and bagged so my stamping ladies could pick up their goodies and have the weekend to play.  There were 2 HUGE boxes so it took some time to sort and it was so fun to check out all the fun stuff.

  On to the tutorial....Check out my post from yesterday for all the fun details and the link to Jackie Topa's video tutorial for this card fold.  I'm one who needs step by step written instructions (and photos help too!) so I figured there are others out there who need this too and I wanted to have some place for my stamping ladies to refer when they want to make another one at home.

 Start with a 5.5" x 8.5" sheet of cardstock--other tutorials out there call for a larger sheet of paper so this one is nice that you can get 2 bases from one sheet of cardstock.  Get out your cutter/scorer.  I've labeled mine so there isn't any confusion at stamp club about which blade is which.  Orange = Cut, Black = Score....easy peasy! 

1) Line up cardstock at 2 3/4" (center of the short side of the paper).  The little sticky arrow helps you line up the cardstock all the way down.

2) Line up the CUTTING blade at the 1" line on the clear bar

3) CUT from the 1" line down to the 5 1/4" line on the clear bar

4) Turn paper so that the cut line is horizontal and on the left hand side.  Line up at the 1" mark.

See the cut line there in the center??

5) Using the SCORING blade, score from the bottom edge just until you reach the cut line

6) Slide your cardstock over to the left to the 2" mark and score again from the bottom of the cardstock just up until the cut line.  All done...seriously that's all it takes!  1 cut and 2 scores.

 Fold on your score lines and you get this...

Thanks for looking!  Happy Stamping!


  1. I have seen a lot of crafts that are using the pom pom trim. Where can you find it?

  2. Hi Ashley- I couldn't find an e-mail address for you so I hope you check back! Stampin' Up sells the pom pom trim and you can find it by clicking on the Shop Online button on my sidebar. Thanks for looking! Amanda

  3. Amanda,

    I am trying to find a paper trimmer / scorer like yours. What brand is it, and where did you get it? I love the dual ctrim / score function. It seems like it would be so much more precise.

    My email address is:

    Thanks! I love your blog!


  4. Sorry to be posting on such an old entry, but you do need two more score at 4.25 inches on the left side and the other at 3.25 from the bottom back side on the right, or 5.25" from the bottom on the right side (above the two score lines mentioned here). Hope that helps anyone coming along and find this, its a very nice card design, thanks!!!


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