Thursday, October 29, 2009

Spooky Expressions Decor Elements

A few weeks ago I hosted my Ladies Night Out group at my house. It's great to get together with this group of friends for some food, chitchat, games and sometimes a quick craft activity. As soon as I saw the Spooky Expressions in the Definitely Decorative catalog I knew what little craft I would be doing as I was hosting in October.

This is a super easy project. I bought some 8 inch standard sized clay pots and several sets of Spooky Expressions Decor Elements. You get 3 different faces on a sheet and they can be cut apart and used separately. Each of my friends choose the face they wanted and applied it to their pot. None of these ladies had used the Decor Elements before and after I showed a few of them how to do it they were teaching the others like they had been doing it for years! I had some fall mums for them to finish off their Spooky Expressions flower pots.

The Decor Elements can be used outdoors so there is no worry of any harm coming to these flower pots and they can be used for years to come. I've even heard of people applying the Decor Elements to their cars and they have stood up to harsh winter conditions.

Supplies: 8 inch standard clay pot, Spooky Expressions Decor Elements, applicator tool, fall mum

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