Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fork Bow Tutorial

  Here is a quick photo tutorial for making the Fork Bow used on the Autumn Top Note Medallion card

Step 1-

Get your ribbon and fork.  For this bow I used 5/8" satin ribbon cut to around 8 inches and a larger serving fork.  Smaller fork = smaller bow. 

Step 2-

Wrap your ribbon around the fork leaving a longer tail on the bottom.  The top tail stays stationary so you don't need as much length there.

Step 3-

Take your long bottom tail and come up over the short top tail.  Stick the long tail through the center of the fork.  All the while hold the short tail firmly so it doesn't slip off the fork.

Step 4-

Keep holding tight to the short tail.  Now bring the end of your long tail back up through the center at the bottom of the fork and pull it tight.  Sorry for the flash glare- hope you can see the piece sticking out from the bottom!  My cameraman had to leave for his hockey game!

Step 5-

Now tie a knot with the 2 tails.

And here is what the other side of the fork looks like....can you see the bow?

Step 6-

Slide the bow off the fork and trim the ends!  And now you have a gorgeous Fork Bow for any project.


  1. awesome! I am going to try this right now!

  2. You are so clever!!! Great tutorial! Thanks :)

  3. great tutorial! thanks for sharing

  4. This is a fabulous technique. Thanks for blessing my day and helping me along in my craft! :)

  5. Awesome, so clever, must try it!

  6. It's wonderful, I had to try it right away and was delighted with the results! Thank you for sharing!

  7. OMG...being a left hander my bows always come out with one tail up and one down...I tried this and if worked my first time...I ran around the house showing my family "My good bow". I used to make my Mom tie all my bows for me when she comes over and we craft together or I bought them pre-tied...Well no more of that.... Thanks for the great tutorial and your willingness to share. Think of the $$ I am going to save tying my own now!!! Woot woot..2 thumbs up to you my crafty friend!!!


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